Sauna world

Sauna world in the wellness centre in “Stara banja” in Hotel “Kardial” is a true paradise for the enthusiasts of this luxury of heat. You can choose from Oriental, Finnish or infra-red sauna.

Oriental Spa oasis

Our Oriental Spa oasis is a steam bath with mosaic interior, arc ceiling with star filled sky. Sauna encompasses a jacuzzi bath, warm benches and space for relaxation and rest. Treatment in the Oriental Spa clears your airways, opens your skin pores, cleans your entire organism and improves your blood circulation.

Finnish sauna

Use the beautiful wooden interior, warm your body and help it detoxify. Finnish sauna helps relieve muscle pain, improves circulation and reduces the symptoms of flu and cold.

Infra-red sauna

Infra-red sauna, suitable for people with high blood pressure, has many therapeutic properties. Just as Finnish sauna, it helps detoxify the body, relieve pain and shoulder stiffness. Is relieves symptoms caused by arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica and skin disorders, and it is beneficial against  muscle cramps.  It is soothing during menopause and it helps with insomnia.