Obesity treatment

Our obesity treatment program is based on scientific principles of treatment of this disease that is the highest cause of chronic non-infectious diseases. The aim of this program is to examine the patients and provide them with an initial strategy for weight loss.  The program consists of a detailed examination and analysis of the problem, and definition of diet and exercise plan that will teach the guests to lose weight in a healthy manner.

“Obesity treatment” of Banja Vrućica consists of three key components:

“Obesity treatment” includes several medical methods, such as anthropometric measurements, laboratory analysis, food intolerance tests and examination by internal medicine physicians.

“Obesity treatment” is a 14-day program that is implemented in hotel “Kardial” with the support of expert team. For those who cannot afford so much time, there is an option of a three-day program that provides for a detailed examination and design of diet and exercise plan that the guest can implement on his/her own. Both programs include a three-month on-line support and consultation with a nutritionist.