Hyperbaric medicine

One hundred percent pure oxygen inside a hyperbaric chamber enables as much as twenty times more oxygen to be absorbed in the blood and that is the reason why this has become one of the latest methods used in treatment of many conditions.

Hyperbaric chambers

Hotel “Hercegovina” has two hyperbaric chambers installed in accordance with the latest treatment methods. Hyperbaric medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine based on a natural remedy – pure medical oxygen. It is used as basic or additional therapy in cases when oxygen transport deficit occurs. Hyperbaric chamber is useful to people that suffer from diabetes, polyneuropathy or psoriasis, and it is administered to the patients after a stroke and cardiac arrest. Depending on the condition, the effects of the treatment can be noted very quickly. This particularly applies to the diabetes patients who suffered from advanced complications. This treatment is recommended to healthy persons as well, in order to maintain youthful appearance and vitality and to recover from hard physical stress caused by professional or recreational sport.