Medical rehabilitation

We have been engaged in rehabilitation since 1959, when a Special hospital for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and rheumatoid conditions was founded. We work in modern equipped and adapted facilities located in wonderful natural surroundings with specific microclimate.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation

Cardiovascular disorders, issues related to heart and blood vessels are the leading cause of death in the whole world. Banja Vrućica has several decades of experience in rehabilitation of heart diseases, and our rehabilitation team is headed by experienced cardiologists.

Physical rehabilitation

As people approach the third age, especially if their lifestyle includes a lot sitting, sometimes they experience musculoskeletal disorders which significantly reduces the quality of their life. Physical-rheumatoid rehabilitation that we provide in Banja Vrućica, combined with our therapeutic thermal mineral water will ease your troubles and improve the quality of your life. 

Pulmonary rehabilitation

With the emergence of Covid-19 we were forced to expand our rehabilitation program with the pulmonary rehabilitation. Combination of physical therapy, salt room and clean air around Banja Vrućica will help you in the treatment of pulmonary disorders. 


Bathing in thermal mineral water is recommendable for patients that suffer from disorders with blood vessels, joints, tendons, muscles, ingestion, gynaecological and even psychosomatic disorders. Thermal mineral water of Banja Vrućica also helps you to relieve from stress, tiredness, poor concentration and memory, irritation and lethargy.