In the heart of the nature

Health and Tourist Centre Banja Vrućica is located in the Northern part of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, next to the town of Teslić, on the springs of famous thermal mineral water, used by ancient Romans. Surrounded by mild hills, slopes of Borja Mountain, covered by thick deciduous and coniferous forest that joins spacious valley of Usora river, at the altitude of 230 meters. Mild continental climate, together with thermal mineral water, provide you with relaxation, clean air, peace, quiet and health.

Medicinal thermo-mineral water

For generations people of this area knew that spring water near Grabovac Creek (today’s location of the spa complex) was therapeutic, that it relieved pain and rejuvenated, so they used it in their households for drink and for health treatments.  During the 1920s research made in Wiesbaden showed that thermal mineral water of Banja Vrućica was favourable in treatment and rehabilitation of different disorders. Today this natural treasure can be enjoyed by all our visitors through bathing and spa treatments in modern tubs and pools, and the Banja Vrućica complex has two natural springs of drinkable therapeutic water, one located next to the entrance in therapeutic centre, and the other near the sport facilities.

Paths through beautiful nature

Banja Vrućica complex spans on an enormous area of 75 hectares. The complex encompasses 7 km of arranged pathways. “Track of life”, “Cardio track”, “Track of love” and “Track of challenges” are there for your walks, Nordic walking, jogging or biking. Enjoy the wonderful nature that surrounds our hotels and discover for yourself why our slogan is “In the heart of the Nature”.


Modern history of Banja Vrućica starts in 1919 when a forest engineer called Simo Krstić buys the land that Banja Vrućica is located today and starts to build first modern hotels and swimming pools. Since his main preoccupation was forestry, during the construction of the hotels, he planted many trees in their vicinity, some of which, like taxodium, were endemic to these areas and that is why today, one hundred years later, the visitors of Banja Vrućica can enjoy the shades of these trees.  Besides the trees, the parks of Banja Vrućica have many flower gardens and a fountain located on a small square between hotels “Kardial”, “Posavina” and “Hercegovina block B”.

"Čubrin gaj" forest

Everybody who visited Banja Vrućica knows about famous “Čubrin gaj”. Arranged forest “Čubrin gaj” was named after a famous cardiologist, doctor Branko Čubrilović, a person most deserving for its existence. It is located immediately behind hotel “Srbija” and represents a true oasis of oxygen, peace and tranquillity and is a favourite walkway of all of our guests. Two arranged tracks that pass through it will make you enjoy clean air, call of birds and an occasional squirl that might cross your path in a hurry. Those of you with most persistence, who reach the end of the “Track of challenges”, will be rewarded by a cold drinking water from the spring “Gadžinac” that quenches your thirst and invigorates you, and by benches on a nice plateau that will make you have a rest and enjoy the view of the forest.