The Clinic

At the times when a good health service is increasingly difficult to obtain, HTC Banja Vrućica can provide you with an excellent and prompt health service.

New health block

Year 2024 will be remembered in the history of Banja Vrućica as the year of a significant leap forward in providing healthcare services. In the new facility, “Herzegovina – Block B,” scheduled to open at the beginning of 2024, there will be a large diagnostic center equipped with MRI, CT scans, and two operating rooms. Additionally, the new facility will house clinics offering a wide range of specialist examinations.


Healthy teeth are not just a matter of aesthetics. They are extremely important for one’s overall health. Our dental office can provide you with a full dental service.

Hyperbaric medicine

For those suffering from diabetes or polyneuropathy and for all those that need a quick recovery or want to rejuvenate, we would like to recommend one of our hyperbaric chambers.

Obesity treatment

It is generally known that obesity has become a world epidemic and there are several methods used to treat this condition. However, each of those methods include rigorous diet, hard physical labour and even the use of different supplements. “Obesity treatment” program in Banja Vrućica includes obesity treatment without starvation, hard exercise, use of supplements and yo-yo effect. It is based on the latest expertise of medical science.

Service available at Hotel Kardial!


A modern, well-equipped laboratory is a foundation of quick and precise diagnostics. Our laboratory can provide you with a quick, comprehensive and reliable analysis of your blood and urine. In addition, we can make biochemical and tumour marker analysis.