For those with adventurous spirit, we can organise events that will be remembered for a long time. Local slopes, hills, mountains and Usora river can become sites of your exciting expeditions.

Banja Vrućica surrounding provides possibilities for several mountain expeditions. Joined by an experienced guide, you will enjoy wonderful scenery and views from the surrounding mountains, with clean air that will refresh and reinvigorate you. You can choose an expedition to Duboke waterfall, Očauš mountain, Borja mountain or Vučija mountain and enjoy the movement.


Canyoning is an activity that includes walking down river gullies or canyons. Canyoning adventure starts in the village of Očauš, 30 km from Banja Vrućica, as you descent the valley of Usora river through 3 km long canyon Klam.


Enjoy Usora river in a different and more intimate way, in a canoe. Canoeing down Usora river will give you a lot of fun and challenges while managing the canoe by yourself.

Rastuša Cave

Explore Rastuša Cave, located 20 km from Banja Vrućica, with 450 m of arranged pathways. The cave is decorated with natural ornaments: stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and braided channels. An attraction is a combination of high-quality mineral sediments on the cave walls covered in spots called “tiger skin”. This phenomenon occurs in only two more caves in Europe, one in Italy and one in France. During a research made in 2008 by experts from Cambridge University from the Great Britain, remaining of cave lions and rhinos were found.