Heal the natural way using our mineral waters. Balneotherapy presents your body to different types of baths that reduce or eliminate many cardiovascular, rheumatic and neurological problems.

The mineral spring of Banja Vrućica contains a high concentration of negative ions, causing a sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Our healing water can be used for bathing in tubs and hydrotherapy in pools, but you can also drink, inhale or apply it to the skin. Balneotherapy improves the range of joint motion, strengthens muscles, relieves muscle spasm, preserves or improves mobility, relieves pain, improves impaired circulation, and regulates other problems.

Improve your physical and mental quality of life using natural factors. Because of its numerous effects, Balneotherapy has found an indispensable place in spa treatments, and we shall help to find it in your life too.

My husband and I are visiting “Banja Vrućica” since 2008. We always left happy and satisfied, filled with beautiful memories and good impressions. It is the same way this time too. There are many reasons to visit this tourist complex again. Care for health, safety, guests requirements, guests rest and all other benefits for guests is the top priority for every employee. In one word, “Banja Vrućica” is an oasis of peace, the unity of nature and man.

Maria from Banja Luka.


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