Learn why dry saunas are invaluable for sportsmen and indispensable for cold days!

Relax your senses and learn the secrets of sauna! Treat yourself to rituals that integrate the effect of heat, water, color, taste, smell, and peace through attractive programs of Banja Vrućica.

Our Oriental Spa Oasis is a steam bathroom with interiors made of mosaics and arched ceiling with a starry sky. Here you can experience the unique atmosphere of relaxation and therapeutic bathing system. Learn why a steam bath is a symbol of beauty and purity of body and soul!

Our Kardial Spa Oasis consists of the Infrared and Finnish saunas made of wood. Infrared rays deeply affect the subcutaneous adipose tissue, and during the winter months produce the heat similar to sunlight, which improves your mood. High temperature in the Finnish sauna is attained by heating the granite rocks, while the air comes through the electric furnace on which are places the stones, in order to achieve very high temperature and low humidity.

Learn why dry saunas are invaluable for sportsmen and indispensable for cold days!

Our Green Spa oasis is luxuriously furnished with two Jacuzzi, massage path, heated ceramic chairs and a Kneipp trail. Walking along the massage path has a very positive effect on the stretching of the nerve endings, circulation, muscle relaxation, reduction of joint pain, as well as tension and stress. Use our heated benches that improve blood flow and strengthen immunity. The Kneipp track is a combination of hot and cold water and walking through hot and cold water helps your circulation. Learn why a half an hour in the Green Spa Oasis buys entire days of satisfaction!

I would like to commend the excellent staff of the wellness center. Your colleague, manager of Banja Laktaši.

Veliša Malbašić, Banja Laktaši

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