Hotel Srbija has 76 rooms and 155 beds.

Hotel Srbija is located in the foothills of Cubrin gaj, the forest which combines deciduous and coniferous trees, and is true oasis of peace and oxygen. The hotel has 76 rooms and 155 beds.

The rooms are equipped with bathrooms, TV sets, telephones and air conditioners in order to provide maximum comfort and ideal conditions for relaxation and recreation.

On the ground floor of the hotel there are doctors offices, wher we do examination for guests who came to use medical rehabilitation services, and in the immediate vicinity is a central therapeutic block where therapeutic and physical procedures are performed.

Within hotel there are pizza house with garden.

The first time I’m on spa treatment at all. I stayed at your hotel at the end of June and early July, and I would like to thank all the staff for a professional attitude that has left me a remarkable impression.

Thank you for respecting the guest!

health service

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+387 53 421 268

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