Trips to waterfalls on Duboka kreek

Path length: 10 km

Time for crossing of paths: 6 hours with stops

Height difference: 150 m,

The falls on the Duboka river are about one hour drive from Teslic. The trail leaves the gentle valley of the river Duboka.On the three-kilometer trail is the first waterfall the “Grasshopper I” . Please note that the air temperature near the waterfall is lower by 5-7 degrees compared to the surrounding area. After viewing the waterfall “Grasshopper I “ the hiking continues by so-called “šrek“, or the route of the former narrow-gauge railway. This part of the trail is extremely vivid, in some places the river  Duboka is entrenched canyon depths  over 300 meters, you pass through a tunnel length of 70 meters, and it is a particularly interesting and somewhat dangerous part of the route that passes through the place where it used to be a railway bridge. It is a cascade of some 30 meters in height from which the water falls into a small lake with a diameter of 20 meters.

Departure around 8 am, return about 16 (optional visit to the Hajdučke vode).

Minimum group for the trip is 6 people

Price per person: 30 KM

A trip to the mountain Očauš – Biser Glavica – Mihajlovac

Path length: 13km

Time of crossing path: 6h with stops

Height difference: 780m

Village Očauš is an hour’s drive from Teslic. The ascent starts from “Luis ‘ponds’ about 600 meters above sea level, along the unpaved road through Spasovište. On Spasovište you will visit a goat farm with the possibility of tasting goat cheese. Climb continues through narrower road to top of Očauš mountain. Rest of the hikes is at the Očauš cottage villages offering a beautiful panorama of the peaks of the mountains Vucija , Brić, Manjača, Ozren, Ljubić, Borja, Vlašić…  After a short break, the path leads to the Biser Glavica of 1383 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the municipality of Teslić. From the Biser Glavice , through the woods you go to the Great Mihajlovac ( 1402 m.a.s.l)  where you stay for a longer break. From the Great Mihajlovac old macadam road leads down to the abyss Bezdan and from Bezdan the forest trail leads to the pond of Luis’. Along the way is passing by the source of the river Toljnica.

Optional visit to the Očauš  cave (Očauš cave is located on the north-western slopes of Očauš mountain, near the northern edge of top of Očauš , with entrance at an altitude of 973 m. Caving experts  investigated it several times since 1971. It is measured that underground channels are at least 512 m long. It is characterized by rare cave jewelery helictite

Departure around 8:00 return around 17.00 h

Minimum group for carrying out the trip is 6 people

Price per person: 30 KM.

Trip to Borja mountain

Path lenght: 15 km

Time of crossing path: 6:30h with stops

Height difference: 28m

Borja Mountain is a mountain in central Bosnia between the rivers Large and Small Usora and  villages Teslić and Maslovara. Source Hajdučka water, a symbol of the mountain, is located approximately 900 meters above sea level near the eponymous sports and recreation center. The route is circular and moves from Hajdučke vode which rises near the Male Runjevica (1034 meters above sea level), and passes by the Great Runjevica ( 1078 meters above sea level ) to Ljeskovac. The trail continues through to Borački canyon, offering a view of the mountains surrounding ( Ozren- Kraljica, Ljubić , Majevica, Manjača, Čemernica, Očauš, Kozara… ). From Boračke Komine you are lowered into the river Penava otherwise only remaining natural spawning trout in the municipality Teslić, then Goletinama you climb the Great Runjevica then over Solila descend back to the hotel.

Departure around 8:00, return around 17:00 h

Minimum group for the trip is 6 people

Price per person: 25 KM.

Trip to Vučija mountain

Path lenght: 12 km

Time of crossing path: 4:30h with stops

The height difference: 150m 

With a height of more than 1300 meters, Vučija mountain is one of the highest peaks of the municipality Teslić, and what it stands out as the most beautiful mountain in the region is a wide plateau on its top that is covered with grass softer than carpet and which offers a fantastic landscape on all sides, and numerous springs of pure mountain water, which in many places form jumps in the form of waterfalls. It is one of the most beautiful places to picnic and hunting, and with the fresh air and unspoiled nature leads to the fact that when one visits Vučija mountain shall be back again. The path is circular and begins with the Vucija mountain plateau where traditional battle of rams is held, go through the forest to the source of Jalova river (Jalova source is located in the beech forest and it is characterized by a source of constant annual temperature of 14 degrees), then across the meadows you go to Meokrnja  (on the trail you pass next to the summer pastures where shepherds stay, and can be bought very famous Vlasic cheese.). On Meokrnja (at 1425 meters above sea level )there is the old mountain lodge offering a beautiful view of the slopes of Vlasic as well as the highest peak of Vlasic Paljenik ( 1933 meters above sea level) with his crown ( on the Paljenik there is the antenna and radar stations and afar looks like a crown ). After a short break through forest road you descend toward the water source Krstova (source in the form of a cross and are called by locals Krstova ( Cross) water),and then by slopes of Vucija head , offering a beautiful view from one side to the Velika Usora valley on the other side of the Paljenik and Vlašićka Gromila  descend to a plateau of the  Vucija mountain.

Departure around 8:00h return around 16:30h

Minimum group for carrying out the trip is 6 people.

Price per person: 35 KM.

Borja Mountain is a mountain in central Bosnia between the rivers Large and Small Usora and  villages Teslić and Maslovara.

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