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Clean air, salubrious surroundings and numerous forest tracks for long walks and bike rides, make an ideal setting for an escape from the city commotion and accelerated lifestyle.

Our oasis is embraced by hills and slopes of Borja Mountain, covered with deciduous and coniferous trees and coupled with wide plains of Usora River. The rich history and tradition, authentic cuisine and pristine nature will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Make an escape to the oasis of health, beauty and harmony – your body and your mind will love you for it!

I’m satisfied with everything I’ve seen. Here is a beautiful nature, and I noticed on your website that it looks very stylish, but when I came, I really enjoyed it. I was eagerly looking forward to seeing a hotel and facilities, in addition to the multifunctional field on which Bojan and me played. I plan to come back in the future, but most probably just to enjoy.

Nenad Zimonić, tennis player

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