Free from the daily routine

Basic facial treatments that can be supplemented by deep cleansing:

-Purifyng beauty treatment (Rebalans for oily and mixed skin)

-Hydrating treatment – beauty revealing ritual

-Intensive nutrition treatment (for the feeding of very dry and dehydrated skin with an unpleasant feeling of tightening)

-Thalgo men Facial ritual, 60 min (specialized skin care treatment for men)

-Thalgo Illuminating Radiance Facial, 45 min (refreshing care for quick effect in a short period of time – treatment restores the skin to freshness, shine and elasticity)

-Skin Diagnostics by Thalgo Imetric, 30 min (professional facial skin conditioner, which gives a complete overview and analysis of facial skin with recommendations in only 10 minutes)

Anti age treatment results visible immediately:

-Collagen smoth treatment (first wrinkle treatment for 25-35 years old skin)

-Hyaluronic filler treatment (Treatment intended for filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid filters For skin that wishes to rapidly reduce the depth of the wrinkles)

-Exeptional Ultimate ritual (Exclusive and prestigious care with fito hormones from seaweed is a real elixir for mature skin)

-Hyaluronic filter facial treatment (for filling cheekbones, lips, nasolabial furrows, puppets, wrinkles around the eyes, smudging wrinkles and wrinkles at the forehead)

-Antistress face massage;

-Luxury facial massage

-Silicium lifting treatment

Body Care:

-Lymphatic drainage (excellent anti-cellulite therapy and prevention of swollen legs and enlarged veins)

-Body Wrapping (a special technique for wrapping the body that promotes lymph and blood circulation and fixing of relaxed parts of the skin)

-Anti-cellulite massage (effective method for improving disturbed microcirculation, stimulation of metabolism and lymphatic system and accelerated excretion of waste substances)

-Body scrubbing (treatment for dead skin cells to remain shiny, smooth and easier to absorb active ingredients from care products)

-Hand care (all kinds of classic and modern manicure treatments for hand and nail care)

-Foot Care (all types of classic and modern pedicure foot treatments)

-Depilation (removal of unwanted hair with wax)

-Solarium (treatments for treating the skin in a turbo solarium for a lovely skin in every season)

-Hairdresser (treatments for care and hygiene of hair with top-quality preparations to make your hair healthy, strong and shiny)

-Make-up for gala occasions – 17,54 EURO

-Health and beauty with us are certain today and every day.

Free from the daily routine, slow down and relax with our beauty programs.

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